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Hand knitting yarn for the coming autumn

Chinese textile economy has experienced 30 years of rapid development, low-cost human resources and abundant natural resources is to our advantage, obviously do greatly enfluence for hand knitting one of the main economic development, transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector is facing problems.
The disappearance of the demographic dividend, increased production costs, the new generation of migrant workers pays more attention to awareness of their rights, the development of China's textile industry is facing reforms. Enterprises improves productivity, increase efficiency, catches up or exceeds the increase in production costs, this is the meaning of transformation and upgrading. "machine substitutions" is a way. knitting wool yarn
Although China has become a textile manufacturing country, but the textile manufacturing level is not high, so companies must accelerate the transformation to improve the technical performance. Low technological content, low value-added, high labor costs, low productivity of the status quo is no longer in line with current market needs, not suited to the future development of enterprises. Textile product upgrade is the trend.