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Hidden under the Textile Machinery substitutions benefit more than hand knitting

Recently, Nanjing University of Finance and President of Zhi-Biao Liu said, for our country's manufacturing industry, realize the machine substitutions facing three major issues:
One with whom the machine. Our country has a comparative advantage in the production of consumer goods in general, but the advantages of the equipment manufacturing industry is not obvious. For now, the machine is mainly used to substitutions or substitutions with foreign machines. This market gap caused by the fundamental reason lies in the gap between China's equipment manufacturing industry technical level. hand knitting yarn
Second, replace what people who operate the machine. Replace the physical machine is sold operatives, but that does not mean people do not need. Know how to operate the machine is still skilled workers. If the lack of skilled workers to operate and maintain these advanced machines, and finally it is difficult to achieve true transformation and upgrading. knitting wool yarn
Third, where people go replaced? Because the machine substitutions, the traditional workers engaged in manual labor excess, manufacturing structural unemployment will appear. Therefore, the process of substitutions in the machine, put the industrial upgrading and expansion of employment into consideration and minimize pain, increase employment channels. Whether it is manufacturing, or workers, are required to implement their restructuring and upgrading.