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Pay attention to this article about the knitting yarn

In most entrepreneurs view, in order to adapt to the new normal development of the industry, textile companies today need to actively armed and improve themselves, so that enterprises have the ability to keep up with changes in the textile industry. Reporters learned that some key domestic textile enterprises in this regard has been one step ahead. hand knitting yarn
Especially in such a difficult financial year, there are clear signs of recovery orders not yet the case, and textile machinery company with Changzhou, Changzhou five foreign textile machinery companies and other companies are still spending huge sums to introduce Japan's processing center, to create digital factory, to further improve the basic manufacturing capacity, enhance their market competitiveness. It is understood that the same and the company plans to invest 800 million yuan to establish a digital factory, buy only equipment it spent 390 million yuan.
 hand knitting yarn
Some companies are under orders not full, the investment efforts on new product development, to prepare for the future development In addition, there are some chemical equipment manufacturers are stepping up research and development of differentiated, simulation of polyester fiber, solvent cellulose fiber nylon fiber and carbon fiber, aramid fiber strength of the production process and equipment. knitting wool yarn
Application of these technologies and equipment for the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry will play a revolutionary role, but also the adjustment of product structure textile industry to a new height. And all this change, from 2014 market downturn period began.