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Several tips for you to knit with hand knitting yarn

Materials are important because you'll never use your new needles if you buy them with materials that you hate using. Interchangeable knitting needle sets come in bamboo, aluminum, nickel plated aluminum, acrylic, rosewood, and wood. Each material offers a different knitting experience and benefit. hand knitting yarn
Bamboo is an excellent choice for any yarn, but especially if you're knitting with silk or cotton because there is just enough traction to keep the yarn from being too slippery. The downside is that on occasion bamboo points can deteriorate over time and splinter off. This has only happened once or twice in the history of my knitting needle stash, but it is something to be aware of.  Frequently this isn't a problem because many of the interchangeable knitting needle sets are backed by a reliable customer service policy. If you report a defective needle, most often it will be replaced. knitting wool yarn
Aluminum is found in some of the lesser expensive knitting needle sets. They're the same materials used in old school aluminum straight needles. They're lightweight, hollow and cool to the touch..