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Shift deceleration is the new normal for the hand knitting yarn

Starting in 2011, the development of China's textile industry will exhibit four prominent changes: First, along with the expansion of the scale of China's textile lines slowed market growth of textile products began to shift from the scale renovation, the most obvious example is the sale of spinning from the past 10 million down to more than 600 million pounds per year, and nearly half are spinning long car with collective doffing. hand knitting yarn
Secondly, the textile industry with less people, automation, intelligent as a symbol of progress to accelerate industrial upgrading, textile enterprises in order to meet the needs of textile enterprises, but also actively develop automated, intelligent textile equipment. knitting wool yarn
Third, China's textile industry, industrial structure adjustment tilt to industrial textiles. Textile companies are concerned that this change, there is a growing enterprise has begun to develop and produce non-woven fabrics used in acupuncture, spunlace, spunbond and other equipment and for the processing of industrial textiles and other special weaving equipment changes.
Fourth, energy conservation is the development of the textile industry in difficulty and focus, textile enterprises have consciously be improved on the device, and strive to help the textile industry from the source to achieve energy reduction targets.